What to wear for your photo session


When deciding what to wear for your portrait session, the number one thing to consider is comfort! Make sure that your clothing feels good and makes YOU feel good wearing it. Beyond that, here are what I think are some good clothing ideas for all kinds of portrait sessions . . .

Newborns and babies

Newborns and babies are easy: they photograph best in their birthday suits! Another good idea: a simple white onesie, or any other cute little onesie you’ve been dying to get his or her photo in. And hats make great accessories for babies.

Toddlers and kids

  • Bright, bold colors
  • Big patterns — bright stripes, large polka dots, or whimsical prints
  • Jeans! Jean skirts are also great for girls
  • Layers, such as skirts with fun tights, or shirts with hip jackets
  • Pretty dresses for girls, especially white cotton or eyelet dresses
  • Jammies
  • Hats — stocking hats, tasseled hats, straw hats, cowboy/girl hats, etc.
  • Striped socks
  • Bare feet


  • Go casual! Dressing everyone in their “play clothes” will allow everyone to feel like themselves and have fun.
  • Everyone wearing similar, coordinated tones, like light and dark blue with some pink and white mixed in — but not everyone in the same color!
  • Everyone in jeans

Family photo clothing ideas | EmilyMcCall.com


  • Your pre-maternity jeans–unbuttoned, of course!
  • Black or white solid-colored tank tops
  • Yoga pants
  • Pretty skirts with belly bands you can push below your belly
  • Button-down shirts left unbuttoned over your belly
  • A form-fitting black dress
  • A long, chunky sweater jacket that you can leave open to expose your belly
  • Sun-dresses
  • A manicure, because your hands will be in a lot of photos
  • Avoid clothing that is too baggy — you gotta show off that bump!

Final tips for everyone

Feel free to bring more than one outfit along so we can change things up mid-session. And if you’re having trouble deciding what to wear, bring along some options and I’ll help you put together your look. We can experiment to see what works!

One last thing: bring chapstick! It will keep everyone’s lips from looking dry.