About me

Attorney. Photographer. Momma. Not in that order.

I once was a securities litigator and white collar criminal defense attorney at an international law firm. I was also a wedding and portrait photographer in my “spare” time. But since the day my son, Quinn, was born, I’ve been a professional, full-time momma. Well, a full-time momma who does some blogging, photography, and contract legal work on the side!

This site was launched in 2007 as a blog devoted to my photography clients, but it’s now simply a personal blog where I write about my family, my home, my photography, and other things I like—primarily interiors, design, travel, and DIY.

What else?

I’m a Midwestern girl—born in Minnesota, raised in Iowa. I went to law school in northern California, and since I graduated I’ve lived with my husband, Ben, in Texas—first in Houston, then Dallas, and now a small town called Weatherford that’s about thirty miles west of Fort Worth. Although I have no accent and prefer cold weather, I’m doing my best to fit in here.

I was the state runner up in my fifth grade spelling bee. I was voted “most likely to appear on Broadway” in my high school yearbook (we were obviously pretty thin on musical talent). I’m also a night owl, a procrastinator, and a terrible cook. But I love pretty things, and I hope to share lots of them with you here.

Dying to know something else about me? Send me an e-mail at hello@emilymccall.com or hit me up on Twitter!