I love one-year-olds!

Seriously, is one year old as good as it gets for kids?  It must be!  These one-year-olds I’ve been shooting lately are amazing!  I met Jake last night, who just turned one on Tuesday, and I’m smitten!  I don’t know how I get so lucky to shoot all these beautiful kids, but they really make my job easy!

His parents aren’t too tough on the eyes either . . . 😉

We had a blast, running and playing and enjoying some gorgeous sunset light . . .

I love this one.  Between the yummy light and that tender look on dad’s face, it couldn’t get much better:


I told you, I’m smitten:

You may or may not be able to tell from these photos, but Jake is going to be a big brother in December!

Alright, I really can’t bear deciding what else to show you, so I’m just going to show you the whole session!  Turn on your speakers and enjoy!

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