YouTube really is amazing

Now, I am a photographer, not a videographer.  I have taken only one video in my entire life, on an old point-and-shoot camera I had almost two years ago.  The video was of my two cats, who were having all kinds of fun with the box and packaging in which our wedding album had been shipped to us.  I wanted to show the video — all twenty seconds of it — to my mom, so I created a YouTube account and posted it on the site.  She watched it, we had a good laugh about it, and that (I thought) was the end of it.

But every once in a blue moon I get an e-mail saying that someone has posted a comment on my video.  I usually ignore these e-mails, but I got another one today (in Spanish, no less!) that I decided to investigate a bit.  I went back to my video’s YouTube page and saw that my silly little cat video has been viewed 4,431 times!  I know that’s not a lot by YouTube standards, but it was pretty incredible to me!  It’s collected comments, ratings, even favorites!  And to my surprise, I was actually able to still log in to my YouTube account, where I found a message waiting for me from someone asking permission to use my video clip in a “‘pets and boxes’ episode of a cute pet video podcast”!  Crazy, huh?  I have no idea who watches enough YouTube to stumble across such a ridiculous thing as my twenty-second cat video (other than my husband, I guess, who spends most of day watching YouTube videos as far as I can tell), but it definitely gave me a good laugh.

And now, for you viewing pleasure, my video:

May it take the Internet by storm! :)

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