Tom Petty rocks my world

. . . which is why I was probably the first one on the phone when tickets for his Dallas show went on sale last winter!  I’ve seen him in concert before, but it never gets old.  He and the Heartbreakers are my favorite band of all time.

As you can see from the ticket, Steve Winwood was the opening act–not too shabby!  Here he is after his set (he’s in the white shirt).  I just love the sea of fans:

Now, in spite of my super-speedy Ticketmaster dialing finger, you’ll notice our seats were really not that close:

But that’s what the video screens are for!

Take a look at all the pretty lights:

And here’s the man himself, he puts on a great show:

I had to get the Heartbreakers in there:

And just one more shot of the lights (I’m like a child, fascinated by bright things!):

The lighting really was fantastic.  I love the colors in this one:

And my favorite shot of the night:

Last but not least, here’s the whole band, taking a bow:

I’m not exactly unbiased, but I give the concert an A+.  The only bad part: it forced me to realize that I am officially old, because I was exhausted all day today!  No more concerts on work nights for me from now on . . . until Petty’s next swing through Dallas!

  • Jennifer W

    Does Petty know you have such great pics of the show? Forget weddings and babies, you should score a deal traveling with the Heartbreakers!ReplyCancel

  • Boy, wouldn’t THAT be awesome?! I could be a groupie/photographer!ReplyCancel

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