Hidden treasure

My husband and I are in the process of buying a house–the cutest house ever, if I do say so myself!  But consequently, pretty much all I can think about is how I’m going to decorate this cute new house.  So yesterday we went to Canton First Monday Trade Days, which is apparently the largest open-air trade days in the world.  To me, it looked like about 7,000 garage sales all packed into one place . . . and it was delightful! I felt like I was treasure hunting.  And I think I managed to come home with a few treasures . . .

A table that we are going to paint white:


A Victorian bust for the mantle:


(I actually bought two of these busts, this little girl and a little boy, but I–being ever-so-graceful woman that I am–managed to drop the boy on the kitchen floor right after I finished cleaning it, where it shattered into a million little pieces.  But no worries: I found an identical set on ebay, so this little girl’s brother is on his way to be reunited!)

We got this stained glass window, which matches the stained glass windows in the house itself, to set on the dresser in our bedroom:


I got some photo frames that I plan to paint:

A vintage telephone:

This gorgeous mirror, which we’ll probably also try to whiten up a bit:


Some metal tiles to hang on a wall in the guest room:


And last, but not least, this awesome vintage camera!  It looks very cool on my bookshelf.


So, I had an absolute blast at Canton First Monday.  I can’t wait for another treasure-hunting expedition next month!

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