Wecome, Ollie!

Today was a big day at my house: we brought home our new puppy!  My husband and I have been wanting an Old English Sheepdog for a really long time, and several months ago we finally found a breeder with a litter on the way . . . and today was the happy homecoming day!  He’s only been home for a few hours, but he already has us wrapped around his little paw.  He and the kittens aren’t the best of friends yet, but hopefully that’ll improve before long.  We named him Oliver, and we call him Ollie for short.  Isn’t he just the cutest?!  I’m in love!







  • Zach Padgett

    Hi. your puppy looks great. I just sent in money for the waiting list for december. How was you experience with the breeder and your new puppy. So far ours has been really good. We cant wait for ours to get here.
    Zach Padgett
    Pearland Tx

  • Thanks, Zach! We had a great experience with the breeder, and our puppy has been wonderful! He gets into plenty of trouble of course, but he brings far more happiness than frustration. You’ll love your OES!

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