Kitty cats

Today I thought I’d introduce the world to our two kitties: Tater and Lucy.  Tater is the orange one; her real name is actually Sweet Potato because of her color, but we always call her Tater for short.  We got her for my husband’s birthday a couple years ago, so she is a little more than two years old now.  Tater is a bit cantankerous, but she’s extremely smart and can be very sweet when she wants to be.

Lucy is the gray one, and she’s almost a year old now.  She may not be as smart as Tater, but she makes up for it with her good nature and cuddly-ness!  She’s also very demanding–when she meows, you better be ready to pet her!

I love both kitties so much, not least of all because they let me take their pictures all the time!  Plus, I never had pets when I was a kid, so these guys mean a lot to me.  And we’re getting ready for a new addition to the family–a puppy this time!  We are getting a baby Old English Sheepdog at the end of August, so stay tuned for lots of photos!




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