Last weekend my husband’s whole big family went to Surfside Beach near Freeport, Texas, for a relaxing little getaway.  We all packed into a beach house and spent our days swimming, sunning, fishing, eating, and laughing our heads off.  It was a pretty nice beach and a really great time, so of course I came back with lots and lots of photos to share!  Consider this the obligatory “what I did on my summer vacation” essay–but with pictures!

I promised more to come, so here they are!  A few more shots of my gorgeous friend, who is due July 23.  I’m counting down the days for her!

If you are interested in a maternity session and would like to see some examples of the more PG-13 types of shots, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you a gallery password!

Quick shots of a couple of my favorite kiddos taken at a recent wedding reception; how gorgeous is she?!

I just can’t believe those blue eyes…

And her brother’s pretty darn handsome himself.

I’ve got to get my camera on them for a full session very, very soon!