I promised more to come, so here they are!  A few more shots of my gorgeous friend, who is due July 23.  I’m counting down the days for her!

If you are interested in a maternity session and would like to see some examples of the more PG-13 types of shots, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you a gallery password!

Quick shots of a couple of my favorite kiddos taken at a recent wedding reception; how gorgeous is she?!

I just can’t believe those blue eyes…

And her brother’s pretty darn handsome himself.

I’ve got to get my camera on them for a full session very, very soon!

Yesterday I got to shoot maternity portraits of one of my very good–and very beautiful–friends!  We’ve been planning this session for ages, and she’s now about 34 weeks along and looking absolutely spectacular, so we finally made it happen.  We had a blast and got some really great shots in the process!  Here’s a preview, but there are many more to come!