New and improved

Emily McCall Photography is undergoing a makeover!  The website has been updated with all new images, and this week marks the introduction of all new sessions, pricing, packages, and products!  Be sure to check out the website or inquire for details.  I’m always striving to provide the best in child and family photography!


Home tour, part 7

Well, we’ve finally reached the end of our tour.  I feel really lucky because I’ve gotten to have a ton of fun twice: first when I decorated the house, and then again when I photographed everything to share with you!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this even a fraction of the amount that I have.

So last, but not least, the dining room . . .













  • emily

    hello. i can not remember how, but i stumbled across your blog several weeks ago. i cant tell you how much i love the house tour you have given. i absolutely love your style and have found so much inspiration for my own home. i am getting ready to buy the frameless mirrors from pottery barn, for a little gift to my self. i would love to display them the same as you have. i am just not sure which sizes to purchase. i am assuming the those are the smallest for the oval and rectangle mirror. is that the medium size rectangle or the largest you have on the left side of the display. i hope you can help. i would hate to order the wrong size. thanks for your time!ReplyCancel