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Bright, modern girl nursery | EmilyMcCall.com

So if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know our big news: we’re expecting another baby!! A little girl due in July. We are so thrilled to be adding to our family, and I was, of course, also thrilled to have an excuse to redecorate a couple bedrooms. 😉 We decided to turn Quinn’s bedroom into the baby’s nursery, since his three major furniture pieces–crib, rocking chair, and dresser/changing table–would need to be used in her room anyway. And so we turned our guest room into Quinn’s “big boy” bedroom. This has all been in the works for months, but today I finally got out my camera to document how the rooms look now. First, the nursery:

Bright, modern girl nursery | EmilyMcCall.com Bright, modern girl

Initially I was really torn about the style of her room–there are soooo many great options for a girl! My first instinct was to go for a bold floral wallpaper and antique-y accessories, but that just wouldn’t have fit with the rest of this house. (Our old house, sure!) So in the end, I kept the neutral white walls and went colorful, modern, and a little bit boho with the accessories. It’s definitely a cheerful space–though perhaps a touch over-decorated!

Bright, modern baby girl Crib in baby girl Pillows and stuffed toys in the baby girl Fun crib bedding | EmilyMcCall.com Rocking chair in the bright, cheery baby

I didn’t really have much of an overall plan in mind when I got started decorating the room, which made it a bit difficult. The first thing I bought was actually the striped rug, and from there it just a lot of trial-and-error. “Hmm, how does this look in here?”

Shelves in the baby A cozy corner in a bright, modern nursery | EmilyMcCall.com

The green chair is what I think of as “Quinn’s corner”–so he has a place to sit and hang out while I’m nursing the baby. He already loves setting that rainbow toy up as a tunnel and driving his cars through it.

Big brother Changing table in bright, modern baby girl Changing table styling | EmilyMcCall.com Bright accents in baby girl Bright, cheery, modern baby room | EmilyMcCall.com DIY modular shelves in modern nursery | EmilyMcCall.com

Ben and I built the little modular shelves, and there are a ton of other crafty projects in the room that I made myself–the pillow on the rocking chair, a lot of the art… Often the DIY projects were the result of budget limitations, but they also make the room feel extra special.

Modern girl Blush pink closet doors | EmilyMcCall.com

So that’s it! A bright, fun space that I can’t wait to bring our baby girl home to. Just four weeks (or less!) now…

Now, on to Quinn’s “big boy” room:

Bright, modern big kid

There was a lot of agonizing over this space too, primarily because of the bed. I wanted to get him a cool new “big boy” twin bed, in part because the kids’ bedrooms are not very big (just 8 feet by 8 feet) and I wanted him to have the extra space, and in part because I had a really great-looking bed all picked out. But in the end, I decided to leave him with the queen-sized bed that was already in our guest room. First of all, it’s an insanely comfortable bed. Second, those budget limitations again! And finally, Quinn doesn’t sleep in his room anyway (he sleeps with us), and keeping the queen bed allowed us to still use this room as a guest room for my parents when they come to stay with us. So practicality won out in the end, for a change!

Modern big boy bedroom | EmilyMcCall.com Boy Big boy bed | EmilyMcCall.com Bright, modern big boy bedroom | EmilyMcCall.com

I actually bought only two new things for the “big boy” bedroom: the yellow cross rug from Pattern Society, and the blackout shade for his window. Everything else was from Quinn’s “baby” room or scavenged from elsewhere in the house!

Shelf styling in the big boy bedroom | EmilyMcCall.com Toys in the big boy bedroom | EmilyMcCall.com Toys in the big boy room | EmilyMcCall.com

And Quinn loves the room, which is obviously the most important thing. Here’s the kid himself, acting like a goofball in his big boy room:

Big boy bedroom | EmilyMcCall.com

So there you have it!  I absolutely LOVE decorating kids’ rooms. We’ll see how baby number two goes, but I’m definitely not ruling out a third kid’s room in our future! 😉

Nursery sources:

Oeuf Classic Crib
Nursery Works Empire Rocker
Striped rug from Pattern Society
Artecnica mobile
OMM Design cat-in-glasses print
Cactus crib sheet from Biscuit Home
Cactus pillow
Bright Lab globe lights
Macrame wall hanging by SlowDownProductions
Eliza Gran pom pom basket
Green greek key blanket by Happy Habitat
“All the Stars” decal by Shanna Murray
Green BUNSÖ children’s chair from IKEA

And check out some additional kid room inspiration on my Pinterest board…

  • I just love your kids’ rooms! So colorful and fun, but not babyish. We’re spending a year far away from home but I’m already dreaming about moving back and redecorating everything :) Just curious: how have you liked the rug-over-carpet? We have builder basic carpeting in all of our bedrooms (gag) and I don’t think I can convince my husband to spring for wood floors (sad face) so I’m trying to brainstorm what might work instead. Anyway, this is an old post so I’m not sure if you’re even checking comments anymore, but thanks in advance!ReplyCancel

  • Emily,

    You are so talented! A busy mom like myself & great style. I love your daughter’s nursery so much, what an eclectic mix of fun art & accessories. I am an artist & I love interior spaces as well. Let me know if you are interested in sharing some of your home on my blog. It’s nothing fancy, I post inspiration behind my work & stuff I like.

    All the best!

  • Wonderful tour and thank you so much for inspiring me today!ReplyCancel

  • Great idea and so pretty – I love all of these, they’re so beautiful!ReplyCancel

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