Father’s Day

Q and his dad | EmilyMcCall.com

Based on my Facebook and Instagram feeds this past weekend, it appears that quite a few people believe that their husbands or fathers are the best dads out there. Well, I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles, but MY kid is most certainly in possession of the best dad ever. I always knew that Ben would make a great father, but over the past two years his love and devotion have exceeded even my wildest dreams. He’s all the things as a parent that I’m not: easy going, level headed, FUN… Quinn truly did win the daddy jackpot.

So for this Father’s Day, Quinn made his daddy a card (his very first!), and I made him a photo album of the best father-son moments I’ve photographed over the past couple years. PROOF that he deserves one of those “world’s best dad” mugs. Maybe that’s what we’ll get him next year.:)


Here’s a handful of my favorite images of the two of them…

Q and his dad at the pool | EmilyMcCall.com Q and Daddy napping | EmilyMcCall.com Q and his dad at the park | EmilyMcCall.com Q and Daddy on their gadgets | EmilyMcCall.com Like father like son | EmilyMcCall.com Q and Daddy at the beach | EmilyMcCall.com Q and his dad | EmilyMcCall.com Snuggles with Daddy | EmilyMcCall.com

They make my heart grow three sizes, those two. I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend celebrating all the dads in your lives!

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