I see the resemblance

Me and Quinn | EmilyMcCall.com

Do people ever ask you which parent your kid looks like? I get that question from time to time, usually about Quinn’s blonde hair, since Ben’s and my hair is pretty dark. Quinn got his blue eyes from me, but otherwise I tend to think he looks a lot like Ben. While I was in Iowa at my parents’ house though, I dug out a few baby pictures of myself and holy cow! There is certainly a resemblance between Quinn and little-me! Apparently we even make the same goofy faces.:)

And these next two photos crack me up. When my dad got out the green sled for Quinn, I laughed and said the sled must be almost thirty years old, and sure enough! I found a picture of me in the same sled in the same position on my parents’ driveway when I was just a little bit older than Quinn is now. Some of the neighbors’ houses have been painted but not much else has changed!

The thirty-year-old sled | EmilyMcCall.com

Here are side-by-side baby pictures of Ben, Quinn, and me. I guess Quinn looks a little bit like both of us, which is, after all, probably just how it’s supposed to work! What do you think?

Daddy, Quinn, and Momma | EmilyMcCall.com

That blonde hair though? It definitely comes from Ben. Look at him! I just love this picture of him and his dad. So adorable.

My husband as a kid | EmilyMcCall.com

Genetics are a fascinating thing, aren’t they? And have you seen Irina Werning’s perfectly recreated childhood photos? Maybe I need to give that a try!


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