A belated Valentine

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I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day! It was a travel day for us: Ben flew back from Chicago, Quinn and I flew back from Iowa, and we didn’t get home till after nine o’clock that night. So we didn’t do much celebrating on Valentine’s Day itself, but the next day I did dig out the rainbow heart garland I made last year and took Quinn’s picture in front of it. You know, for his scrapbook that I haven’t yet started!

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That dimple just slays me! His adorable and holiday-appropriate “Je T’aime” shirt is from Whistle & Flute, and the leggings are by Thief and Bandit Kids. I also ordered him this cute heart shirt from Hello Apparel as a Valentine’s Day gift, but unfortunately it didn’t get delivered to my parents’ house before we left. So he had to make do with M&Ms. I don’t think he minded.

But let me tell you what: my Valentine’s Day was MADE by finding this delicious chocolate-mint brownie treat in our refrigerator when we got home from the airport! I have the best mother-in-law on the planet.

Valentine treat | EmilyMcCall.com

On Saturday night, the aforementioned awesome mother-in-law watched Quinn so that Ben and I could have some time together. Instead of going out to eat like we usually do, Ben grilled us an awesome dinner–steaks, baked potatoes, and a delicious new treat:


He put those romaine lettuce stalks on the grill for about five minutes with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and then he added bacon bits, croutons, and caesar dressing to make a grilled caesar salad! A perfect dinner with my favorite person. Just how I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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