From winter to spring

Winter in Iowa |

Hello, friends! The silence here on my blog has been deafening for awhile now, I know, but 2014 has gotten off to a wild start for our little family. Ben began a new job shortly after the new year, which has required longer hours at the office for him and resulted in less help at home for me. That by itself has required some adjustment, but then on Ben’s third day of work we were surprised to learn that he was going to have to spend six of the following nine weeks in Chicago for training–not something we’d been prepared for! Quinn and I were also sick for two solid weeks during this time, so when Ben headed off to Chicago for his first two weeks of training, Quinn and I hopped on a plane and headed to my parents’ house in Iowa where they could take care of us both!

February is never a propitious time to visit Iowa, but this year it–like much of the rest of the country–has been having one of the most miserable winters on record. When my dad met us in the airport, he shook his head and welcomed us to North Dakota. And he wasn’t kidding. We were in Iowa for thirteen days, and it snowed six of those days and the temperature was below zero for seven of them. Schools were even closed once for snow and delayed once for extreme cold while we were there. Now I grew up in Iowa, and that’s definitely not normal. But I’ve always loved a good winter snowstorm, and since I had the luxury of knowing I’d be getting on a plane and heading back to civilized weather in a few days, I was able to revel in the barbaric Iowa winter. Quinn loved it too. Every time my dad went outside to shovel, Quinn had to go with him. I think he’s trying to eat some snow in this pic:

Shoveling snow in Iowa | Snow | Wintertime |

He loved going for walks through the fresh snow, pulling the sled, and “helping” with the shoveling.

Walking in the snow |

And here he his watching yet another snowfall from my parents’ living room windows…

Watching the snowfall |

Our little taste of winter was fun, but now we’re back in Texas where the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week, and I’ve been enjoying it more than usual as a result of the contrast. Highs in the seventies–we even broke eighty degrees one day–and plenty of sunshine. We’ve been going on walks, playing in the back yard, and–best of all–opening all the windows in the house to let in the fresh air. To me, there’s no happiness quite like waking from a nap to sweet-smelling fresh air blowing in through the open window.

Springtime open windows |

So I’m glad we had our short winter weather sojourn–it’s made springtime that much sweeter. March is actually my favorite time of year to live in Texas, so hopefully there’ll be plenty of nice weather to come. In the meantime, I’m sending warm thoughts to those of you still buried in snow: I hope springtime arrives for you soon!

What time of year is your favorite weather where you live?

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