Christmas time is here

O Christmas tree |

Now that we’ve got Halloween out of the way, I can finally share what we’ve been up to this holiday season! For me it truly is the most wonderful time of the year…

First, let’s talk decorations. It’s been a crafty year at my house. I started making Christmas decorations in November, and I just couldn’t stop!

Homemade Christmas decorations | Advent calendar and ornaments | Holiday card holder and nutcrackers | Ornaments |

The embroidered holiday photos, the Santa and Mrs. Claus pillows, the Advent calendar and ornaments, and the nutcrackers are all from A Hip Handmade Holiday, an e-book I purchased last year–and it’s the gift that keeps on giving! All the crafts in the book are so cute and fun, you should seriously buy the book and make them. The triangular wood-and-leather Christmas card holder I made based on this pin. And I was in need of some new, non-breakable ornaments for the tree this year since we decided not to put up all my pretty vintage glass ornaments (because toddlers = destruction), so I made the felt pom pom ornaments by following this tutorial from the Purl Bee. And the gold ornaments are just cardboard ornaments I bought from Michaels and spray-painted gold. I then sanded the edges and roughly shaded them with a soft-lead pencil to give them a slightly antiqued look. We also bought some of these and these cute paper mache ornaments from the Land of Nod (which happen to be on super-sale right now if you’re looking to stock up for next year).

And now, because I love them, I’m going to subject you to more snapshots of our holiday decorations. I’m running out of places to put everything!

White Christmas decorations | Christmas fireplace | Our Christmas tree | The Christmas wall and the dining room | Nativity |

My mom sent me that nativity set this year, which is the same set we put out when I was a kid, and the same set my mom’s family put out when she was a kid. My mom’s name is even penciled on the bottom of one of the wise men because she once took it to school for show-and-tell; my grandparents wouldn’t let her take Mary or Joseph or the baby Jesus because they were too important to risk breaking! That nativity has such special memories, I’m so excited to have it.

What have we been up to this month besides decorating? Well, we’ve been spending lots of time in our Christmas jammies…

Q in his Christmas pajamas | Christmas jammies |

And we went to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. Quinn was blown away!

First visit to the Christmas tree farm | Toddler lumberjack |

My little cowboys on a hayride:

Hay ride | Little buddy at the Christmas tree farm |

I couldn’t get enough photos of Q in that trapper hat… Christmas trees everywhere | Q among the Christmas trees | Trapper hat and buffalo check shirt for toddler | Fun at the Christmas tree lot |

We put lights on the house. Look at these guys hard at work!

Putting up Christmas lights | Our house lit up |

And Q got friendly with the Frosties. They’re exactly his size!

Q loves the snowmen |

Quinn absolutely LOVES Christmas lights. At the store, on our house, anywhere he sees them. He insists that we turn the tree and indoor lights on as soon as he gets up in the morning, and when the outside lights come on he stands in the window and says “oooh.” They really must look magical to a toddler!

We had a pretty serious ice storm that kept us trapped at home for four days:

Ice storm | Snuggling to keep warm during the ice storm |

But that meant lots of snuggly nap times for Momma. Q got a little stir crazy though, so we finally relented and took him outside for a few minutes. He loved it, in spite of the cold. Especially the part where he ate the ice.

Checking out the ice | This kid loves playing outside, even in blow-freezing temperatures! | Outside in the ice | Baby, it

Yeah buddy, it’s cold.

My predominant memory from Christmas 2013 will probably be Quinn watching Curious George’s “A Very Monkey Christmas.” Every. Single. Day. Sometimes more than once. He typically doesn’t watch much television, but he absolutely stops down for this entire hour-long show. And then whines when it’s over!

Watching Curious George |

I give him special “Santa water” in this adorable sippy cup I picked up at Target:

Drinking "Santa water" |

Quinn “helps” his daddy with the fireplace, and moves ornaments around on the tree when he thinks we aren’t watching:

Q helping with the fire and messing with the Christmas tree |

He doesn’t realize that ornaments hang from strings, though, so he just sticks them in the tree, setting them on top of the branches.:)

And then, of course, there was the visit to Santa. We tried to prepare him–reading books about Santa, practicing saying “ho ho ho”–but all of our training flew right out the window as soon as we put him down on Santa’s lap.

Toddler crying on SantaOh well. I supposed every kid needs a Santa picture like that!

Now we’re getting all the gifts wrapped and watching those last few holiday movies we haven’t squeezed in yet… It’s been such a happy December. I hope your holiday season has been as full of fun as ours has!

  • Tobi

    Oh my gosh Em, I have that EXACT same nativity scene!!! And I’m totally getting that book. Awesome decorations!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks, Tobi! And I’m actually not at all surprised you have the same nativity. Before my mom sent me this one, I looked at eBay to see if I could find a similar set and there are a TON out there! It was apparently the mid-century standard issue :)ReplyCancel

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