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A donut party | EmilyMcCall.com

Looking for a big-impact party idea that doesn’t require a lot of effort or expense to pull together? How about a donut party!

My birthday was at the end of September and I didn’t feel much like celebrating this year, but at the last minute Ben convinced me that it would be nice to have our family over for a little get-together. I knew that on such short notice an afternoon or evening party was out of the question, with everyone’s schedules so jam-packed this time of year. So I thought, what about breakfast?? Coffee and donuts would be really low key, and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day after all! Done and done.

Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day once shared a theory that’s stuck with me: if you’ve got a well-stocked party supply closet, you can throw a really great party with just one hour of errands and one hour of crafting. Genius, right? I’ve been slowly building up my stash of party supplies, so I decided to stick within Jordan’s parameters for this little soirée–and I was really happy with the way it turned out.

I used my one hour of errands to pick up three plain white “donut” balloons at my local party store (which cost a total of only $7), and then to stop by my favorite donut shop to order the donuts. I made sure to get some cake donuts with sprinkles (my favorite!), and the rest were an assortment of glazed, frosted, twists, and eclairs, with a few donut holes thrown in for good measure.

I then used my one hour of crafting to decorate the otherwise-boring donut balloons, following this fabulous Studio DIY tutorial that I’d come across on Pinterest. It was incredibly easy: I just mixed up some acrylic paint for the pastel-colored frosting and applied two coats with a foam brush, cut up some streamers I had on hand for the sprinkles, and then stuck them on the balloons with double-sided sticky tape. They wound up looking like Homer Simpson donuts, which made me really happy. “Mmmm, donuts…

Everything else I needed for the party I already had on hand: tablecloth, serving platters, cake pedestal, milk bottles, paper straws, birthday candles, confetti, sparkly toothpicks, pretty paper plates and napkins… Having a good party supply stockpile really does pay off!

Ben picked up the donuts the morning of the party, we served up some milk and orange juice to wash them down with, and my amazing brother- and sister-in-law made the coffee. That was really and truly all there was to it. The party was pretty, but low-stress–which is about as good as it gets in my book. And I had such a good time hanging out and eating donuts with our family that it turned out to be the best birthday I’ve had in awhile. It definitely made turning 32 a little more pleasant!

And now I want another donut.

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