Royal baby fever

I’m openly an Anglophile and will confess right here my fondness for the Royal family–particularly this happy little branch of it. I’m the same age as Will and Kate, and now we have sons a year apart–how could I help taking an interest in them?

When they got married several years ago, I was seriously dialed in. Thirty years prior, my mom got up in the wee hours of the morning while she was pregnant with me to watch Prince Charles and Diana marry. (See, my love of the Royals is hereditary!) This time, my mom and I both got up early to watch the Royal Wedding and spent the whole morning on the phone together discussing every detail in real-time. It was all just so lovely! And in the general haze of happiness that ensued, I purchased a few frivolous bits of memorabilia:

That beautiful mug is by The House That Lars Built, the tea towel is by Claudia Pearson, and the “Behold!” print is by James Brown.

Ben gave me all kinds of grief about this stuff, but I love my Royal commemoratives. So after Prince George Alexander Louis made his first appearance, I began my search for the perfect keepsake. It had to be pretty and well-designed–not that ugly, mass-produced stuff you see in hoarders’ homes on news reports. But to my surprise, it was difficult to find Royal Baby things that fit the bill! I just wanted a cute tea towel–is that too much to ask?? Apparently the birth of little Prince George didn’t inspire designers quite the way Will’s and Kate’s wedding did.

But after scouring the Internet, I was able to dig up a few pieces that wouldn’t disgrace Britain’s new prince. So here are my picks for the best Royal Baby memorabilia:

1. Commemorative Royal Baby postcards. These are my favorite. “By George, they’ve done it!”

2. Royal Baby crown teether. Perhaps more appropriate for the Royal baby himself, but cute nonetheless.

3. Hand illustrated Royal Baby commemorative plate. A pretty piece of porcelain for display, and I bet the artist could be persuaded to add the prince’s full birth date.

4. Royal Baby cross stitch pattern. This cracks me up!

5. The official Royal Collection Trust Royal Baby mug. It’s not the best looking mug I’ve ever seen, but maybe “official” china is your thing.

6. Commemorative Royal Baby tea towel. Subtle. I like it.

Am I missing something stellar? Let me know!

Photos of the Royal family are from Getty Images and Alex Davies/FilmMagic.

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