What Quinn’s wearing this summer

I absolutely love having a little boy to dress, but it can sometimes be challenging to find the sort of clothes I like–cute, comfortable, not too cheesy, not too Bieber-like. Basically, if it has stripes or a sophisticated graphic, I’m all over it.

I try very hard not to go overboard buying clothes for Quinn, though to be honest I’m not always successful. My goal each season is to splurge on just 2-4 pieces that I really love, and then fill in the rest of his wardrobe with less expensive things, usually from Target or Old Navy. I like to buy pieces individually, rather than as part of a set, because (a) the clothes are usually less “cutesy” that way, and (b) I can mix and match pieces to create multiple outfits. I order all of Quinn’s clothes online except for those I pick up at our local Target, and I try to watch for sales, especially in the stores that carry the more expensive stuff, like Tea Collection and Sweet William.

It’s a bit late in the season, but in case it helps any of you other moms out there who struggle to dress their little boys, I thought I’d share what Quinn’s wearing this summer and where I got it:


1 and 5: atsuyo et akiko and ketiketa from Sweet William Ltd. These were a couple of my summer splurges because I just couldn’t resist those cute animal graphics. A moose who says “bisou” (kiss)?? Come on! These shirts are really soft and well-made too. Sweet William is a children’s boutique that carries a lot of designers I love, so my splurges are often made there.

2 and 3: Winter Water Factory. I adore the amazing prints on these organic, made-in-the-USA lap tees. In fact, pretty much everything at WWF is this cute. These two shirts were also splurges, but I managed to get them both on great sales.

4, 6, 8, 13, 15, and 17: Zara Kids. Zara is a good place to find kids’ clothes that are more stylish than average, but aren’t nearly as expensive as the boutique-y designers’. I’d say they’re priced pretty comparably to the Gap. A lot of Q’s summer basics are from Zara: a couple of solid tanks, a couple of pairs of shorts (denim and khaki bermudas, both of which ran a little large), a light-weight white tee with cute denim details, and those to-die-for baby gladiator sandals (which also ran quite large).

7: Gap. This neon-striped tank was actually a birthday gift from Quinn’s aunt, uncle, and cousins, and you know I love me some neon. Plus, STRIPES!

9, 10, and 12: Target. Q and I go to my beloved Target a least once or twice a week, so if a cute shirt happens to occasionally find its way into my shopping cart, am I really to be blamed?? These incremental additions to Quinn’s wardrobe have contributed some much-needed color.

11: American Apparel. Quinn obviously needed a t-shirt with his initial on it! And in addition to this, American Apparel actually supplied quite a bit of Q’s spring wardrobe last season–I love their striped onesies and their awesome cotton leggings. All very affordable.

14 and 16: Tea Collection. My favorite thing in Quinn’s wardrobe last winter was a pair of Tea Collection “denim-look” cotton pants (similar to these) because they looked stylish but were super comfortable for him–much more so than wearing real jeans. So when I wanted to find Q some comfortable play shorts for the summer, Tea Collection was where I went. They have some great cotton and terry pieces that feel as good as sweats but look a whole lot nicer. And their clothes just fit my long-and-lean baby really well.

18: Tiny Toms. These adorable little green Biminis get compliments wherever we go. I just wish they stayed on his feet better….

19: NoZone swimsuit from Amazon. This is Q’s primary swimsuit, which I love because it’s one piece and provides great sun protection. He’s also got a cute rash guard and pair of skull board shorts from–where else?–Target.

So now you know what my little dude is wearing this summer. If you’d like some more inspiration, you can follow my Pinterest board where I save all my clothing ideas for Quinn. And if you have any other good sources for little boy clothes, please let me know in the comments!


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