A happy Fourth of July

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July! Ours was really great this year. Quinn was only two months old last July and we didn’t do anything festive at all, so this felt like Quinn’s first Fourth as he got to experience all the usual hoopla for the first time.

The weather was so unusually mild this year that I was champing at the bit to get outside and see some fireworks. We wound up going to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on Wednesday night for the Fort Worth Symphony’s Concert in the Garden with Ben’s parents and one of Q’s cousins. We sat on blankets and ate a picnic dinner, and then enjoyed the symphony performance and fireworks afterwards. It was such a beautiful evening!

Quinn handled his first first fireworks show like a champ. He cried for the first minute or so because the noise caught him off guard, but after that he never even flinched.

On the Fourth itself, we spent the day at Ben’s parents’ house doing the classic American thing: swimming, eating, and trying to not lose any fingers while setting off our own fireworks.

It was Quinn’s first time seeing sparklers too:

Another beautiful night with family and friends. And America, of course. I’ll party with her any day!


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