A peek at our new home

I’ll spare you the long, tortured story of how we wound up in our “new” house—mostly because I can’t bear to relive it myself. (I say “new” because we’ve been living here for almost six months already—seriously, where does the time go??) Suffice it to say that, after looking at dozens and dozens of homes, this was the third house we made an offer on and even this sale almost fell through at the very last minute. Add to that some pretty unreasonable sellers, a very hormonal new mom (me!), and a colicky not-yet-three-month-old and you can perhaps imagine the many, many stress-induced tears that I shed.

But all’s well that ends well, as they say, and we’re really quite happy in our new home. It’s a one-story ranch with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a couple hundred more square feet than our last home. It was built in the mid-1990s and looks pretty much like the rest of the houses in our subdivision, which is exactly the kind of place that I swore I never wanted to live in, but it definitely has its perks—namely, larger closets! And moving when we did gave us the perfect opportunity to purge some of the unnecessary things we’d accumulated over the past five years and redesign our home with Quinn foremost in our minds. Gone are the porcelain knick-knacks, the sharp-cornered wood coffee table, and the neutral color scheme. Instead we’ve embraced bright colors, used toys as decorations, and left lots of open space to play. It’s certainly a different aesthetic, but it’s been a fun challenge to decorate in a whole new way. And I have to admit, the new modern look is really growing on me!

Today I’d like to give you a quick tour of the new home, showing you what it looked like before we moved in (with the prior owners’ stuff in it) and what it looks like today. Let me preface this by saying that our house is very much still a work in progress. Time and money are in short supply these days with a baby at home and me not working, so we’re moving at a snail’s pace through our lengthy to-do list. I typically hate showing photos of rooms that aren’t completely finished, but I’d like to document our home’s transformation process here on this blog—and to do that I have to show you were we started from, so here goes nothing!

First, the exterior. As you can see, we’ve already done a bit of landscaping, pruned the tree and overgrown bushes that were blocking the view of the house, painted the front door, and added some fun house numbers (which deserve their own post in the future):

This is the living room, right inside the front door:

The first order of business when we moved in was to paint all the walls white and replace the über-traditional light fixtures and window treatments with something more modern.

Now I’m working on art for that big white wall!

Here is the family room, which is part of one big space shared with the kitchen and dining room. It’s where we spend most of our time (as you could probably guess from all the toys):

The dining room, also in need of some art:

This is the kitchen (which I am dying to renovate):

And here is our master bedroom, which we haven’t gotten around to painting yet. It will be white like the rest of the house—very soon, I hope!

The master bathroom—again, in need of painting (and a great deal of other work!):

Quinn’s room:

The guest room, which also needs the white paint treatment:

Our office:

And finally, the kids’/guest bathroom:

So that’s it! We’ve already finished a few projects that I’ll be sharing the details of here in the future, and we’ve got many, many more up our sleeves. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!


  • Cassie

    “It was built in the mid-1990s and looks pretty much like the rest of the houses in our subdivision, which is exactly the kind of place that I swore I never wanted to live in”

    Haha, I had the exact same thought when we first started out house hunting. We just put an offer to a house similar to your new home, built in 90’s, not too many characters in the neighborhood. But the house has a good floor plan that we hope we could turn it into a cozy home.
    I followed you from Houzz to your blog. Your new home was arranged as adorable as your old home! Keep it up!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks so much, Cassie! You hit the nail on the head: the trade-off you get for lack of character in these 90’s homes is a comfortable, livable floor plan. Which means you get to add all the character yourself! Thanks so much for stopping by, and good luck with your house hunt!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Emily,

    I happened along your godmorgon plumbing post. Then I just read this post. The guest room and guest bath photos are not of the correct rooms but photos you’ve already posted of other rooms. I’m on an iPhone. Am I crazy here?

    Love the blog!


    • Hi, Sheila! Thanks for stopping by! The correct photos are all appearing for me, so maybe it would help to refresh the page on your iPhone?? Sorry I can’t be more help!ReplyCancel

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