More Ireland: Waterford

On our first Saturday in Ireland, we drove south of Dublin down to Waterford.  Along the way, we stopped at a pretty little beach we found, called Ennereilly beach.  It was rocky and beautiful!






When we made it to Waterford, we ate lunch, walked around the town, and then got a tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory.  I had actually taken the tour once before, but it was just as entertaining and impressive the second time around!

This is one of the cutters:


Hard at work:


The cutters have to have every Waterford crystal pattern memorized, but if they ever need a refresher, here is their "library":


A box of glasses, with the Waterford signature cut on the bottom:


A set of engravers' wheels:


We got a first hand cutting demonstration:


And here's the finished product–sparkly!


You can see a few more shots from Waterford here.

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