Ireland: Around Dublin

I spent about a day and half in Dublin during my trip, mostly shopping and seeing the sights.  I will share photos of Dublin Castle and Christ Church later, but this post is for the random things I photographed throughout the busy city. 

Flowers for sale on Grafton Street:



Homes and gardens surrounding St. Stephen's Green:




A pretty red teapot from the delightful Queen of Tarts, where we had tea and scones (and couldn't resist a slice of pie as well):


A sidewalk artist who draws amazing scenes in chalk and washes them away every night, starting fresh each morning:



The train, called DART:


And last, but not least — by popular demand — lots and lots of Guinness and pubs!







I didn't want to bore everyone to tears by posting each and every photo I took on my trip, but if you are interested, you can see more images from Dublin and Glendalough here.  And I'm hard at work proofing, so I will have more to share soon!

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