Back from the dead

Omigoodness, I have so much blogging to catch up on!  My life has been craaaaaazy the past couple weeks, and I have so much to share.  I mentioned in my last post that we’ve had a new addition to the family: our puppy, Ollie.  Well, the day after we brought him home to Houston, my husband and I packed up and moved to the Dallas-Forth Worth area!  Then, just three days later, I hopped on a plane to Ireland for a 10-day vacation, from which I just got home last night.  After a good night’s sleep, I feel like I’m finally ready to start sharing the millions of photos I’ve been taking!

Here are a few from our move . . . into our first house!


I left Houston early in the morning before the movers arrived and brought the puppy and cats up to the house, where we hung out alone in an empty house for eight hours!


As you can see, it was pretty much just me, the pets, and some dog toys.


The kitties took it upon themselves to inspect every inch of every room in the house.



The only break in the monotony of the day was when Sears delivered our brand new refrigerator!  I am pretty darn excited about it.  (And yes, being excited about appliances means you are officially old!)


When you open this baby up, the Hallelujah Chorus plays! 😉


Anyway, after several hours of sitting around with no internet connection and nothing to do, I started taking photos of the pets in the kitchen.  It has a huge skylight and the light is gorgeous!







On a side note, the relationship between the puppy and cats has, unfortunately, not improved much.  This photo pretty much tells the whole story:


As you can see, the cats give Ollie a wide berth!  The only good part is that the cats seem to have been united in their hatred of Ollie . . .


I’ve never seen them so friendly before!

But that was pretty much it for the move.  By now we’ve gotten all the furniture where it belongs, although there are still lots of finishing touches to get in order.  I’m not starting my new job until October 1, though, so I’ll have plenty of time to decorate!  Stay tuned for more photos of the new house, the pets, and–of course–Ireland!


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